Innovation and automatization

In DTA we use most of our resources to innovate and develop new systems and methods of automatization, looking for a way to make it more efficient logistically, energetically and economically, in order to improve the productivity and look for simpler ways to do hard tasks.

Some examples are the project we have done for Airbus, which consisted on a motorized automated platform to transport planes with maximum precision:

Another example is the development of an electric car that can be driven with a tablet using an app:

Also DTA has worked on a project of an autonomous vehicle designed to work as public transport:

Another project DTA worked in is a 5th wheel tractor controlled by a remote control:

Continuous learning

Every DTA employee is continuously learning and improving. This is because, due to the requirements of our products, every employee must adapt and evolve to keep offering customized solutions to the customers and update our products with the cutting edge technology.

Every project is a new machine, and so investigated as a new opportunity to innovate. DTA contributes to the learning of every employee with constant challenges, encouraging effort and team work. Thus, every one benefits from the work of the rest of the team, and contributes one to another.

We use green energy

DTA contributes to the industries in various different ways. We design customized vehicles that increase productivity in factories, and this vehicles are almost always electric. In DTA we are sensitized with the usage of green energy and emission reduction, and we work in order to protect the environment with the design of vehicles that improve factories productivity in  a green and safe way.

An example of this effort is the fact that our projects are always thought in order to find the greenest design looking for the green alternative solution to problems often solved with gas vehicles. This results in DTA being pioneer in the design and fabrication of hybrid vehicles for heavy load transportation:

This vehicles are used for transportation inside of the factories and for long distance trasnportations.

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