DTA specializes in delivering practical and customized solutions for handling heavy loads. Vehicles design is different for each application, and different using conditions are contemplated according to the customers needs.

Self-Propelled Modular Transporter – SPMT

Advantages of DTA SPMT

  • Steering monitoring system ensure safety of steering process.
  • Height and angle of PPU is adjustable, to adapt different working conditions. Even to disassemble PPU and put it on top of DTA SPMT to reduce total length, then get high trafficability, enable its efficient move in hairpin turn or narrow space.
  • Self-adapting hydraulic system guarantee cargo platform level when SPMT running on uneven roads.
  • Accurate movement and steering make sure it has high performance in modules connection and assembly.
  • Combination system enable modules could be connected laterally and longitudinally to adapt different cargo sizes and weights. Also, modules can be coupled with hydraulic hose and electronical cable to transport oversize cargo with relatively light weight, just need less quantity of SPMTs to work in “soft-connection” mode.
  • When preset a working program (moving and steering mode), DTA SPMT can work automatically.

Different combinations between SPMTs.

As SPMTs have a modular behavior, it’s possible to combine the modules in different ways, such as:

The modules join as they do in the picture: