Agv for dough systems for fermentation rooms

At DTA we work every day to keep improving, offering our customers quality service and products.
In our last project, we have supplied two AGVs for the movement of large dough vats found in the fermentation room. Previously, this task was performed manually by operators, running a great physical risk because of the probability of causing some type of injury.
These products are design to customer specifications. Among the most peculiar characteristics that incorporate are the following:

  • They have a load capacity of 1.2 tons
  • They incorporates cameras on the front and sides to read and work in one word on the floor of 1 cm. This is a precise and safe guidance system.
  • They are mounted on mechanical wheels, which incorporate the rollers to obtain a multidirectional system of precision and smoothness in all movements.
  • The security system that includes a proximity laser. It is found on each of the fronts with two levels of action. When the sensors detect a person or object, they will cause the AGV to slow down as a first safety zone. When the AGV is even closer to the obstacle, it will be detected by the second sensors that will emit the vehicle to stop completely.
  • The manufacture of these AGVs has been made entirely in stainless steel, due to the client’s requirements to be able to work in a clean environment.
  • The AGV obeys the orders that are given from an electrical control panel operated by an operator in a completely automatic way.

Here is a video in full operation of these AGV’s manufactured by DTA: